Japan through The Miracle Fruit

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My boyfriend has been going on about the miracle fruit for a couple months now. While on a Namjatown date-o he found the Miracle Fruit Cafe, an opportunity we just couldn't pass up.

After sucking on the fruit, which is really more of a seed, for 3 minutes your tastebuds get confused and mix up sweet with sour. Anything sour becomes sweet. We got a cup of lemon juice and some grapefruit and lemon slices to try it out.

Before: oooo, so sour!!!

After: It's a miracle! Sooo sweet.

He was so excited about this that we hadddd to try the miracle fruit first. In retrospect this was stupid. The only thing there really is to do at Namjatown is eat. With my tastebuds all whack everything tasted funky. I guess you can drink hot water to return to normal, but that so did not work.


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