Japan through English mistakes & Bra napkins

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I found this at a 280yen izakaya. I can't understand how they messed it up. It's spelled correctly in katakana at the top....

And again with the cockrails. A bunch of friends from my hometown, both Japanese and American, and I were drinking together. It was only after ordering four or five cocktails that I realized, in fact, we were all drinking cockrails. What ensued was a hilarious explanation of what a cock rail could possibly mean in English.
Being the classy people that we are, this was followed by a lesson in making boobs out of napkins. Unfortunately, I was too drunk at the time and have misplaced the picture. So, I've stolen these pictures from the internet for your viewing pleasure:

and here's what it looks like:

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Beth said...


and those napkin boobs are the dumbest thing i've ever seen ahahahaha and that guy is so pleased

Amanda Lynn said...

I totally agree about the napkin boobs. I made my own version and took a picture and it was muchhhh better. I'll add it once I can figure out who took the picture...

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